7 Ways QJunkie Grows Your Business

1.Cut waiting

The QJunkie Virtual Queue allows customers to join a barbers queue without physically visiting your barbershop. That's right, instead of clogging up your waiting rooms your clientele will be shopping, exercising, whatever floats their boat. All the while they'll be ‘queuing‘ via the real time virtual queue they joined earlier. They win back time and you win back control, sounds good doesn't it.

2.Reduce walkouts

Another major benefit is that the virtual queue will dramatically reduce walkouts because your customers have a much clearer picture of when they will get to enjoy your service. QJunkie protects everyone's slot, meaning there's no reason for them to leave or no show.

3.Staff retention

The QJunkie Virtual Queue brings structure and control to your day. Barbering can be extremely busy and it's often a stressful way to make a living with lunch breaks almost unheard of. Our App lets you set a staggered break for all staff and that makes for a happier working environment. Your staff will embrace the QJunkie App like a long lost friend and will quickly discover just how much it will improve their day, we guarantee it. Improved staff retention is yours for the taking.

4.Get more referrals

The QJunkie virtual queue transforms waiting for a barber from pain time to gain time. Your customers get the full picture and stay informed, a more professional experience. Special Offers and promotions can be communicated through the App. Their overall experience is enhanced and this will inevitably lead to more positive reviews and referrals through word of mouth & online and that will bring you more customers.

5.Smart Technology

QJunkie is cutting edge, if you'll excuse the pun. While many are slaves to tradition, you and your barbershop are embracing world-leading technology and tailoring a superior service to those that matter the most, your customers. You'll be ahead of the game. QJunkie keeps your customers information safe and secure.

6.Unlock data

When it comes to managing your business QJunkie gives you a serious advantage. No more second guessing, no more gut instinct, make decisions based on real data.Tap into QJunkie's reporting feature to access performance stats on Services & Revenue, Bookings, Staff performance, Client demographics and Visit frequency. Highlight where your typical peaks and troughs occur, identify strengths & weaknesses and areas for improvement & investment. Improve your management and grow your business.

7.Build Customer Loyalty

Clients get to select their favourite barber and exact service prior to arrival allowing staff time to prepare. Your barber gets to personalise each visit by getting to know the client's story. In today's competitive environment it is absolutely essential to retain existing clients. The more you know about your customers the better the connection and this builds customer loyalty. Customers may forget what you said and did, but will never forget how you made them feel. And this in turn leads to more referral/word-of mouth opportunities. Working with QJunkie and you, your customers simply get a better experience.

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