Cut Waiting Times & Grow Your Business

Barbers are there when it counts for the important events in life, like your first day at college, a job interview, a first date, any date, meeting the prospective father-in-law... Call your barber.

The Brits may like to spend time waiting in a line but us Kiwi's sure don't. In a first for the barbering industry, customers can now join a real time virtual queue, allowing them to countdown to their haircut/trim/shave while doing, other stuff... somewhere else.

You, the Barbershop owner, are literally giving them their time back... Legend.

Think how appreciative they’ll be. By way of thanks, folks will recommend you to their mates. You’ll attract new customers keen to see what the fuss is about, keener still to cut waiting rooms from their precious weekends. Business will boom. They win back time & you win back control, sounds primo doesn't it.

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