Happier Clients, Happier Crew, Happier You

QJunkie makes people happy. No, really it will. For starters your customers will appreciate you giving them some life back. Sparing customers the pain of hanging around in a waiting room for ages is pretty cool right. Freeing up their time to play footy, go for a drive or meet a friend for coffee is pretty neat too. Did you know that conservatively speaking in a lifetime the average bloke will spend over 500 hours waiting for his barber, that's a lot of time back. They'll thank you for it - by recommending you to their friends.

And it's not just the punters who will be singing your praises. Your staff will appreciate the steady flow of customers and the QJunkie real time virtual queue keeps everyone on time. No rush jobs, staff can take time over a service and focus on quality not a backlog.

And don't forget about you the owner, you're pretty important too. The smart tech of the QJunkie App will ease the stresses and strains of running your business. You'll retain staff, reduce walkouts, and increase revenues as your customer base expands. The QJunkie App lets you manage your business from anywhere, even on holiday!

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