No Cost Communication With Your Customers

The QJunkie App helps you engage with your customers and drive traffic by keeping them connected through Push Notifications and Emails. A push notification is a quick way to engage with your customer that is easy to use and manage. They are a simple, uncomplicated message about your business, making them user friendly and effective.

The biggest benefit of these notifications is that they are instantly seen on the customers mobile phone or tablet and most are opened and read by 97% of app subscribers. They are less intrusive than other forms of customer engagement and they add value to the user by pushing out useful information. It's essential that this information is relevant and interesting. Share the latest news, in-store promotions and special offers, at no cost to your business. You can also send to all staff or all customers.

When your message is not time-sensitive, such as a monthly newsletter, then an email is one of the most effective ways to deliver quality content to your customers and build trust.

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