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Introducing QJunkie App

You have nothing to lose except the stress of over-crowded waiting rooms and the pain of losing customers who can't be bothered to wait.

Download the App today and start transforming your business. Your customers will love you for it. Your crew will think it's christmas!

Remember, booking systems create no-shows and empty seats. Our virtual Queuing App keeps you working steadily, stress-free all day. Get QJunkie now.

What you get

State-of-the-art virtual real time queue for your barbershop.

Reporting:- Missing You - Services & Revenue - Customer Logs - Client Demographics

Send Push Notification and Emails to either your customers or your staff.

Promotions:- Send notifications to your clients to promote slow days, or promote the barbershop products you use and sell.

QJunkie App for your customers to download - locked into your barbershop!

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Real Time Virtual Queue

Set up a real time virtual queue that clients can join at any time. Watch waiting areas empty as people 'Queue' for their haircut elsewhere. Spread the load and avoid bottlenecks by shifting some clients to less busy times. Clearly state start, finish and break times for all staff members.

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Add Staff and Services

Add new staff members or add a barber already in the QJunkie family. Create profiles for all team members reflecting the services they offer, the time allocated to each service and its cost. Make them available for their queue.

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Use our Reports Module

Use the QJunkie reporting feature to help you make informed decisions about your services, team and your opportunities. Productivity, profitability, performance, common trends, peaks and troughs are documented and saved. Use this data to improve and grow your business.

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Push notifications / Emails

Share your new in-store promotions and special offers with your client base by sending them push notifications. Clients can opt in or out at any time with no limit on the number you can send. Use email to share your newsletters, staff movements or the latest styles and cuts.

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Personalise your Shop

Personalise your home screen, put a face to it. The QJunkie App comes loaded with over 100 Avatars for you and your staff to choose from. Want an image that's something special, no problem. The QJunkie team can create and design a bespoke personalised image, just for you, at an additional cost.

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Review Client Activity

Prepare for upcoming cuts by reviewing individual client profiles, including details on their previous visits and any special requirements. Check visit frequency and prompt non-regular clients for a follow up via push notification.

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